Looking For IT Solutions For Manufacturing Businesses?

NCG has employees that have worked in manufacturing for over 30 years combined.

Thinking that outsourcing IT isn’t financially possible keeps many manufacturing firms from considering it as an option.  NCG is not only affordable but reliable, comprehensive, and budget-able.

Our IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Finding workers with the ability and expertise to balance their specialty and manage IT is rare. Building and maintaining a complete IT system is a full-time job by itself, not to mention the added duties of exploring new tech options and keeping everything up to date. Their time (and your money) would be better served indirectly by building your business. 

Network Computing Group — Affordable IT Services

A business using NCG's IT solutions for manufacturing to further their company in Roanoke
You offer your clients great service for a great price, and we strive to do the same. As your fully managed IT services provider, we make sure you get comprehensive coverage for one, flat-rate, monthly fee. This included monitoring, maintenance, tech replacement, and regular updates to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.
Managed IT Support

Budgeting And IT Solutions

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Affordable IT Solutions For Manufacturing 
Don’t make the mistake of thinking outsourcing IT is financially prohibitive. Outsourcing IT management can actually save you money and free up your own staff to focus on the most pressing needs of your company. Choosing NCG means having a whole team focused on nothing more than making sure tech issues never get in the way of your goals.

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Affordable IT Support For Your Manufacturing Business

Your business has many expenses to consider, both predictable and unpredictable. You must produce for your clients, and provide for you own staff and their families.


Need to implement mobile technology?


Need Office 365 and cloud services to facilitate collaboration in your office?


Need confidence that your data and network are secure?
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The Services that we can offer your Manufacturing Business

Among the services NCG offers are:
Mobile and tablet provision and management
Office 365 and Google Apps expertise
Cloud computing solutions
Internet-based telecommunications systems
Advanced cybersecurity strategies
Whatever other IT needs you have!
IT monitoring and management
Consulting and assessment
Hardware as a service
Data backup, storage, recovery, and restoration
24/7 Help Desk access
Business continuity
Affordable subscription plans
Our 27-Point Total Prevention Network Audit examines your network for:
How are your Data Backups?
Are there built-in failsafes and redundancies?
How are your power circuits and environment
Functionality & Usability
What’s the condition of your Servers, Network, and Desktops?
How is your current support service and other things that strengthen your network?
Are you prepared for physical and digital threats?
Are you running effective anti-malware software?
How are your permission, user rights, and policies around passwords and other sensitive data?
Local to Roanoke,  VA

Free IT Assessment 

This one is on us. 

Having the right IT solution in place now is a vital part of the planning and achieving a flourishing future for your business. Let us make sure you get started on the right foot.

Let NCG help. You won’t ever have to worry about IT again.

Call (540) 400-7358, email info@ncg- net.com, or use the form above.

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