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Award-winning, worry-free Technology Services are available in Rocky Mount and throughout Virginia.

Whether for your computers, workstations, devices, or anything in between, we offer full-service solutions for your needs. 

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IT Support in Rocky Mount, VA

IT Support in Rocky Mount

Stable. Reliable. Dependable.
 Trust Your Technology To Help You Grow Beyond Your Limits

NCG’s expert IT managed services in Rocky Mount provide stability, continuity, and expertise for your company. 

Any place, Any device, Any time. 

Need to boost productivity? Cloud Services means that, as long as there is an internet connection, wherever you are can become your office. Then you and your team can now work together in real-time to streamline processes and get your message to more people than ever before.
Cloud Solutions

Want to stop worrying about your technology?

IT Support In Rocky Mount
Our managed services clients enjoy the benefits of preventative tools and education, as well as technology solutions that stop problems from occurring in the first place. With NCG's IT Support in Rocky Mount, you can stop worrying about malware and get back to business.
Managed IT Support

Are you concerned about hackers and ransomware?

Managed IT Services in Rocky Mount
We will handle your technology services so that you can focus on your business. We provide compliance-based services where applicable, and, in addition, offer training for employees on best practices. At NCG, we prepare for the worst so that we can provide your business the best.
Business Continuity

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If a business only uses the cloud, everything is done through a web-browser and can be accessed by practically any device, from anywhere. In this scenario, all of your data and applications are stored there, accessed there, and used there.
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Cloud Solutions Rocky Mount

Quality IT Solutions That Facilitate Growth

NCG Offers Managed IT Support In Rocky Mount, Virginia. 
Cloud Services Rocky Mount

Hybrid Cloud

For those concerned about performance, compliance, or security restrictions, a mixture—or hybrid—of the cloud and internal IT systems is a valid option. This method of utilization gives the flexibility of housing some of your data and applications on-site while taking advantage of the flexibility and cost-saving features that this method offers.

Managed IT Support

The risk of unmanaged IT is a lot like driving without car insurance without regular tuneups and oil changes.
Managed IT


Server and Desktop Virtualization offers the option of moving between different physical machines and locations.


The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) recorded a 38% increase in cybersecurity incidents last year.
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IT Consulting

Our IT consultants take the guesswork out of finding what works best for your specific industry and business needs.
IT Consulting 

Business Communication 

Communication is necessary for business operations. Therefore, you don’t want to risk interruptions by depending on old infrastructure.
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Cloud Solutions

From setting up your cloud services to updating as necessary, NCG is here in order to help your team access the full functionality of the Cloud.
Cloud Solutions

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We Don't Have Clients! We Have Raving Fans Of Our Technology IT Support Services in Rocky Mount
“I’ve been thrilled with the Managed IT Support provided by NCG and would thoroughly recommend them.”
“NCG does a great job, we rely on them to handle most all our computer and network needs.”
“Their approach is precise, their support is proactive, and their service is exceptional.”


IT Support In Rocky MountCloud Services in Rocky MountCloud Services in Rocky Mount

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"But, we can't afford Managed IT services."

The risk of unmanaged IT is a lot like driving without car insurance. And without regular tuneups and oil changes. Managed IT is a lot more than streamlining your technology use—it is a critical part of business continuity. NCG will protect your data, financial records, and other information vital to your business. 93% of companies whose data is severely compromised never recover.
Managed IT Services
IT Support In Rocky Mount
IT Support In Rocky Mount

Are you covered?

There are many tasks involved in IT. Some of which are internal and business-building, others much broad, and time-consuming. Letting us handle general maintenance tasks actually saves you money by allowing your IT staff to spend more time on projects and tasks that directly grow your business.
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"I’m not sure I trust another company to handle our sensitive data"

IT is our specialty, and we have the expertise and experience to prove it. Because of this, we can provide a higher level of protection than most small businesses. This includes data encryption, secure offsite data centers, and help with HIPAA compliance, and more—the same standards as the banking industry.
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IT Support In Rocky Mount
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