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Let our IT Professionals help you find out how your business can benefit from Office 365.
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Full Cloud Support

Through the cloud, teams can work together on various files and projects, even as high-volumes.
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A Support Team You Can Trust

Not only can we help you find which features work best for you, we can help you through the transitional period and provide ongoing support.
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Why we provide Office 365 Support

NCG dedicates itself to not just providing IT services but to making friendships as well

Why Office 365?

Through the cloud, teams can work together on various files and projects, even as high-volumes.
NCG's cloud solutions protect client data in virginia

Instant Data Sync

See changes and updates in real-time—no extra hard drives necessary.
We provide new business phones and all the latest tools for our IT clients in Virginia

Latest Communication Tools 

Enjoy a system that works with everything from voice and video chat to email.

Most importantly, Office 365 grows with your company

Which setup is right for me?

While Office 365 is very user-friendly, finding the exact configuration your business needs can be tricky. 

Onboarding Assistance

Our IT professionals are here for the entire process, from finding the right options to transitioning your data, to supporting your ongoing work.

What if Office 365 doesn’t fit our needs?

We’ve got plenty of other options available. Our first priority is finding the right one for you. Our experts know what software is out there and are here to help you make the best decision for your situation.
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Our 27-Point Total Prevention Network Audit examines your network for:
How are your Data Backups?
Are there built-in failsafes and redundancies?
How are your power circuits and environment
Functionality & Usability
What’s the condition of your Servers, Network, and Desktops?
How is your current support service and other things that strengthen your network?
Are you prepared for physical and digital threats?
Are you running effective anti-malware software?
How are your permission, user rights, and policies around passwords and other sensitive data?
Local to Roanoke,  VA

Having the right IT solution in place now is a vital part of planning and achieving a successful future for your business. Let us make sure you get started on the right foot.

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