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Specialized IT for Construction Firms

Specialized IT Support For The Construction Industry By NCG

NCG provides Affordable IT Support for all kinds of industries

The construction industry is no exception. Not only are we experienced in providing NCG provides Affordable IT Support for all kinds of industries
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IT for Construction Firms

The Unique IT Needs of the Construction Industry 

Many don’t realize just how IT-intensive the construction industry really is. To run your business at an efficient level, your process includes sending and storing data across numerous clients and contractors on a consistent basis. Any break in the system here can cause a multitude of issues for your projects.
Employees working in the construction industry need several key forms of technology to ensure that they are making good use of their time, saving money and meeting their goals for their projects.
In the many phases of a construction project, you’ll be acquiring and transferring huge amounts of information. It’s vital that all of this data get’s categorized and integrated in your system efficiently and also allows for a clear communication with your clients, suppliers, and managers.
With NCG we offer the following IT for the construction industry that will you’ll see the most success with.

Tools For Each Step Of The Process

Every phase of your building project is critical.
IT for Construction Firms Virginia
Every project your firm takes on requires multiple inspections for the various phases it goes through. The information must move quickly between your team, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. With so many pieces needing to be in place, you can’t afford a technical issue to cause delays. So much time-sensitive information requires dependable IT services.

Only the best

Just like you, NCG holds high expectations for our team. You need dependable people in place who know what needs to be done and the best way to do it. Our team of experts is well-versed in the specifics of construction technology and works daily to keep up with new developments in the industry. If your firm needs it, we can provide it.
IT for Construction Firms
IT for Construction Firms

A Proactive Approach

NCG has been serving the construction industry for years. We know that, much like the rest of your equipment, your tech needs regular maintenance and updates. We update and upgrade your IT setup regularly to make sure you’re getting the best performance possible.

Set Subscription Plans

There are enough unexpected expenses in the construction industry. IT costs doesn’t have to be one. For a set monthly rate, we maintain, monitor, and update your IT infrastructure. Also, you’ll enjoy access to unparalleled customized service and many other benefits. These include:

Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions

IT consulting and assessments

Business Telephones

Office 365 and Google Apps expertise

Cloud computing options

Expert knowledge of compliance standards

Mobile and tablet procurement, synchronization, and support

24/7 Help Desk support

Business continuity strategies

Data backup, storage, restoration, and recovery services

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What Makes Up Construction IT Support 

Cloud Solutions 

Considering data storage is so important for the construction industry, cloud solutions are the way to ensure you have access to your data wherever you need it. There are often times where you need information quickly in order to make well-timed decisions while you’re on site.

Through our cloud solutions, you’ll have the freedom to easily access your information whenever you need from anywhere! Doesn’t matter if you’re at the job site, a remote office, or a clients location we got you covered!

Project Management 

NCG can also provide the tools to help you manage those massive projects that are being organized by several different sources and pull from different resources. Our software can make sure you’re able to act on your projects in a timely manner and remain on budget.

Ultimately, we want to help make your processes efficient and kept at the highest quality to increase your businesses overall profitability! Improved Mobile Device Management 

Improved Mobile Device Management

There is an increasing need in the construction industry for assistance with mobile device management. Construction managers utilize the many capabilities of their mobile devices for all forms of communication.
With the amount of mobile devices being used growing steadily, it’s a good plan to get a mobile device management plan in place. With our software, you can optimize the functionality of your devices while keeping all of your data safe with several layers of protection. NCG significantly lowers the risks to your business’ security and also will lower your support costs as well!

IT Services We Offer 

Partnering with NCG means never having to ask:
Are we getting the most out of our tech?
Can I connect with everyone I need, when I need to?
What happens if our tech fails and a message doesn’t get through?
Can we afford to replace our IT equipment should it fail?
NCG starts with your current tech, making sure it’s optimized, and everything is running as smoothly as it can. Our team of experts works hard, so you never miss a deadline because of a tech issue again.
If you have a construction company in Roanoke, VA or the surrounding areas and are interested in NCG’s IT for Construction Industry we’d love to hear from you! Our construction company IT support brings many benefits including simple data storage, increased productivity, secure communication and more!
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