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Affordable IT Support For Your Nonprofit

Your business has many expenses to consider, both predictable and unpredictable. You must produce for your clients, and provide for you own staff and their families.


Need to implement mobile technology?


Need Office 365 and cloud services to facilitate collaboration in your office?


Need confidence that your data and network are secure?
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Out-of-date technology should never prevent you from serving those who need your help. NCG's IT for nonprofits can help you make the most of your valuable resources and of every opportunity that comes your way.

IT for Nonprofits in virginia

Our Services Include:

Let NCG help. You won’t ever have to worry about IT again.
Mobile and Tablet
IT Consultation
Cloud Services
Compliance Experts
Monthly Subscriptions for effective budgeting
Telecommunication Services
24/7 Help Desk
Data backup and recovery

Stable. Reliable. Dependable.
 Technology To Help You Grow With NCG

As a leading provider of managed IT services, NCG enjoys serving clients in all industries, and especially non-profits.

The Highest Quality IT for nonprofits 

Having limited resources shouldn’t keep you from having the highest quality IT service. We have the tools you need to serve your cause best - cloud services, consulting, fully managed IT, and more - at costs you can afford. We strive to provide:
Flat-rate monthly subscriptions
A supportive partnership for your success
All-inclusive services

Technology Maintenance Is Not Your Thing

You do your best to take care of your technology, but issues enviably arise that distract your team from day to day operations. Whether it is a malware attack or an unplanned computer repair—the unexpected always happens and sometimes can cost a surprising amount. 
You've held your technology together for this long, but is that really your job? Is that the best use of your time?

Have you finally realized that you are not taking full advantage of the powerful tools at your disposal? Are you unsure if the tools you have are even the best tools for the job?

We know this is a frustrating situation that organizations deal with as they grow. Wouldn't it be great if you had an IT expert on hand 24/7?
The expert team at NCG can help. Let us do 'our thing' so you can have your time back to run your non-profit with dependable technology.

NCG — A Team With Heart

Budgatable and Affordable IT Solutions

At NCG, we have a heart for not-for-profit endeavors and community outreach. We can help you make an impact in the world by making sure that you always have the best tools—plus keep your technology running smoothly every day.
IT solutions in virginia
We know that your non-profit efforts may leave limited resources for IT needs, but that does not mean that you can't thrive with reliable technology.
NCG can ensure that your tools and technology are perfect for your needs. Let us help you have more successful and productive days by making your technology reliable and your budget more predictable.

We offer managed IT services, business continuity solutions, IT consulting, and cloud services, all at a price you can afford. Our services are all- inclusive in a flat-rate monthly fee to fit any budget.

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IT for Nonprofits in virginia
IT solutions in virginia

The NCG Diffrence—A Personal Touch.

We care about you, and we care about the people you serve. We are here to walk alongside you—to ensure your non-profit can achieve and meet its future goals and objectives. Let us partner with you for future success.

NCG is a team that you can count on. We take the trouble of maintaining your IT off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on what is essential—helping others. Together, we can make a powerful team.

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