8 Commonly Believed Cybersecurity Myths


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Although your business' network can always be vulnerable to hacking, with the correct knowledge and your team's ability to remain vigilant, you can resolve threats instantaneously to stop a large-scale breach into your network. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false ideas regarding cybersecurity. For this reason, we've gathered up 8 of the most common cybersecurity myths that, if ignored, can put your business a step behind hackers.

#1 THE MYTH: Small Businesses

Hackers will often pass up small business to go for the bigger fish.


Small Businesses' Networks were subject to OVER HALF of last years cyber-attacks

#2 THE MYTH: Passwords

Creating strong passwords is the best way to protect your network and data.


While it definitely doesn't hurt, hackers can still get through with enough time. Therefore, we suggest using Two-Factor Authentication and performing regular data monitoring.

#3 THE MYTH: Software

Anti-Virus Software is the all-in-one system to protect your business's network.


While there are often some useful tools included in these, they stop short of level that is needed to protect a business in today's environment.

#4 THE MYTH: Wifi

As long as your WiFi is password encrypted it won't be subject to hacking.


Relying solely on the one password for WiFi is a mistake that can easily lead to a compromised network.

#5 THE MYTH: Hackers

External threats are where you should focus all of your time watching out for.


Surprisingly, you are just as likely to have your network exposed by your own employees not following procedures or other ill-natured internal threats.

#6 THE MYTH: Training

An Annual employee security training is adequate to protect your business.


Hackers and schemers are getting more and more creative. You only stand to gain by keeping your team updated regularly.

#7 THE MYTH: Warning Signs

You will see if you've been hacked shortly after it's happened.


There is a very low chance that you or your team notices a breach due to the stealth of modern malware. Usually, by the time it's found it's much too late.

#8 MYTH about an IT Department

Cybersecurity is only for the IT Department to deal with.


Keeping everyone on the same page about the security is one of the best ways to keep your business safe. Ignorance is the first thing scammers/hackers will try and exploit!

Get The Truth From Numbers

Sources: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report and Vistage Cyberthreats and Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses Report


81% of hack-related breaches began from either a stolen or weak passwords.


60% of SMBs are not able to fight off a cyber-threat as they lack an updated cybersecurity system.

Business Closed

62% of SMBs have to permanently shut their doors within 6 months of a cyber-attack.
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