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With NCG, you won’t just find quality IT services, but services specifically catered to your accounting firm’s needs. We’ve worked with accounting firms for years, and understand how to not only address IT problems but remove them permanently.
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Accounting IT Services With NCG

Accounting Firms in Today's World

When you’re in an Accounting firm you require a lot out of your technology. You require a consistent connection to your computer systems that can be accessed from wherever you need. Additionally, this must all be highly secure highly reliable, updated to the latest version and be easy to use.
It's becoming very apparent that tech is no small part in Accounting firms. The whole firm is tied to different computer systems that are fully integrated IT solutions. Internal systems like email and phones setups, file-sharing and adequate storage are just the baseline. Now every aspect of the job is tied to a computer, which, while convenient, can create a cybersecurity nightmare.

What You NEED

You need a IT company that understands this and has the industry knowledge that helps you get the maximum benefit. NCG is well aware of the relationship between Accounting firms and their tech, and we are capable of improving your firm and financial services!
The role of IT Support in Accounting firms just cannot be delegated to unqualified tech shops anymore. There’s extensive financial compliance and standards that need to be followed, and if the tech at each level isn’t protected it leaves a gap in your security

NCG Helps You Meet The Standard!

What Does NCG Do? 

It's important to choose a firm that has a firm understanding of the industry compliance and regulations. NCG fits right in with your business and can makes sure all the correct protocols and procedures are up to standard! These services include all the following:
Email encryption to securely transmit personal financial data
Mobile device management and security
Offsite backup in a secure, encrypted data center
Data encryption
Password policies
Secure Wi-Fi access for your office staff and guests

IT Services You Can Depend On

Establishing trust is essential in accounting. Clients need to know that their confidential information is safe, secure, and protected against potential threats.

Business continuity

Data backup, recovery, and restoration services

IT consulting and assessments

Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions

Mobile and tablet support

24/7 Help Desk access

Microsoft 365 and Google Apps

Internet-based telecommunications systems

NCG’s Services Are Excellent And Affordable

With NCG, you get the best IT services around for a flat monthly fee. Our support team understands the needs of the accounting industry and uses that expertise to provide all-inclusive, affordable accounting technology solutions.
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accounting technology solutions in virginia
accounting technology solutions in virginia

Our Reputation Depends On Yours

As an NCG partner, you can trust our commitment to getting you and your clients the support they need. We have built our reputation by earning and protecting the trust of valued clients like you and are proud to know your clients benefit from it, too.

Keeping You and Your Business Safe!

Our goal is to keep your business efficient, safe, and keep your technology up to date!

Client Data Protection

When it comes to security and data protection, your firms client data is incredibly important to keep safe. We'll find a solution that can keep all that data protected and stored safely because just one breach could ruin your reputation.

Adaptable Security

Whether it’s stored locally, on a cloud system, or transferred via email there’s a potential security risks that you need to cover with layers of encryption and fail-safes.

Better Than Baseline

We stand above the competition and provide services we know benefit your company instead of just baseline hardware. We’ll be your partner and make sure you get everything you need for your accounting firm for a great price.

Preventing Data Loss

In the same vein as security breaches, loss of data is catastrophic as well. Having to make that phone call to inform a client you’ve lost all of their records can and will lose you clients. NCG is here to make sure you never have to go through any of this. We offer various business continuity plans and backups that can ensure you’ll never be put in that situation.

Affordable IT Support For Accounting Firms

Your business has many expenses to consider, both predictable and unpredictable. You must produce for your clients, and provide for you own staff and their families.


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