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Finding the right cloud solution for your business can be a complicated process, comparing the benefits and drawbacks as they pertain to your unique needs. NCG professionals are here to help you find the best combination for you.
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Are Cloud Solutions a Good Fit For My Company?

On-Premise Servers have been the standard for decades, but recently cloud solutions have proven to be a viable, even preferable option. But is it right for you? There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of options. 

Here are a few cloud solution strategies.

Cloud Only

Accessible from practically any device with internet.

Hybrid Cloud

Offers flexibility and can save money by utilizing your current resources.

Point Solutions

Enjoy access to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint through the cloud from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

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If a business only uses the cloud, everything is done through a web-browser and can be accessed by practically any device, from anywhere. In this scenario, all of your data and applications are stored there, accessed there, and used there.
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Cloud Solutions for small businesses

Hybrid Cloud

For those concerned about performance, compliance, or security restrictions, a mixture—or hybrid—of the cloud and internal IT systems is a valid option. This method of utilization gives the flexibility of housing some of your data and applications on-site while taking advantage of the flexibility and cost-saving features that this method offers.

Point Cloud Solutions

For the business that wants the powerful features of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint without hosting them on their in-house server, the cloud is the perfect hosting option. This configuration gives the business the freedom of movement it needs as it allows them access to email on their iPad or smartphone while on the road.
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