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It’s always better to be proactive about data protection than reactive in disaster. In addition to our general IT services, we offer near-real-time backups to offsite storage, offsite replication, local backup, and backup Virtualization.
Data Protection Solutions NCG
Your data is vital to your business. Acting now can prevent a surely catastrophic loss in the future. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, until it does. Our Data Protection Solutions have got your back!
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Local backups are the first line of defense. 


If the worst should happen, then we're prepared.


To avoid tech failure between unlike devices and hardware.

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Regardless of the reason, a data breach mean a loss of revenue, a stop of business operations, and a loss of essential trust between you and your customers.
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data protection solutions in virginia
data protection in virginia

Loss Of Data = Loss Of Reputation

It doesn’t matter where the data loss comes from—criminal activity, natural disaster, or human error— above all, the outcomes are the same. Loss of data means loss of reputation, productivity, revenue, and often, loss of the business itself. However, what if all that could be avoided?

Before you think disaster recovery… 

Above all, we think of disaster avoidance and data protection. Yes, we focus on disaster prevention by aligning you with technologies that work in a multi-pronged approach.
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We focus on disaster avoidance, so you don't need disaster recovery. 

data protection solutions

Local Backup

Local backups are the first line of defense. 95% of data restorations can be done immediately through this network, without needing to download information in mass from the cloud.
Offsite replication in Virginia

Offsite Replication

Should the worst happen, or you are unable to access your local backups—a full copy of your data can be secured remotely afterward.
virtualization solutions

Virtualization Failover Technologies

To avoid tech failure between unlike devices and hardware, Network Computing Group uses Virtualization failover technologies. Since we have so many options in place, we can run your network from anywhere.
We work with a multi-pronged approach, concentrated on prevention. The best time to stop disasters is before they happen.
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NCG offers Restoration options like:

Regular, short interval backups provide you with a high number of potential backup points, enabling you to deal with any data-loss scenario.

Regular onsite backups to address minor issues

Restoring individual files and folders

Email Archives

Constant backup monitoring

"Bare Metal” restoration. 

Maintenance & Prevention

Let NCG make sure your data is secured and monitored. 

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Data Protection Solutions:
Dependable. Worry-Free. Secure.

Your business needs your attention. Leave your IT to us.

NCG’s Data Protection Solutions are Unparalleled

Major disasters are rare, but most data loss comes from local threats, like theft, a lightning storm, or a falling tree. For all of these and whatever else might happen, we’ve got you covered.
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data protection solutions in virginia
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