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What Is The True Cost Of  Healthcare IT Services In Roanoke, Virginia?

... It’s more than you might think. 

To begin with, the cost in time and money to one of your employees is significant. 

With so many variables, ongoing monitoring of the tech, and so many HIPAA compliant standards that must be applied, it’s an especially difficult project. 

Should even a small oversight be found, the costs in penalties, repair, and hard-earned reputation could be truly catastrophic. 

Each moment you spend fixing a mistake or temporarily stalled by a tech failure means loss of valuable productivity and interruptions to your day-to-day operations. 

Add the ongoing cost of tech failure and maintenance, and you have a very challenging situation.

Partnering with NCG means a halt to the endless cycle of always trying to get your IT optimized. With our expertise and support services, you can stop worrying and get back to helping people.

NCG’s Healthcare IT Services Assist With:

Increasing productivity in your key departments

Providing safe and secure paths for your vital data and patient medical records.

Low entry costs for greatly improved data quality

Centering your business practices, framework, and supporting systems to change the manner in which your team works

Allowing electronic records, health info exchange, wireless tech support, and many different advancements that improve both efficiency and nature of the care you’re your establishment gives.

Healthcare IT Services in Roanoke
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Maintaining and observing HIPPA compliant regulations in IT is of utmost importance, and very demanding of your time and attention. With so many details and so much information in motion, it becomes all too easy for something to be missed. 

Healthcare IT Companies in Virginia
Affordable, Monthly Subscription Fees To Fit Any Budget
Keeping Technology Reliable Since 1994 Throughout Virginia
Expert Knowledge Of Compliance Standards
Advanced and Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions
Our internet-based phone service changes everything for your business.
Mobile and Tablet Procurement, Synchronization, And Support
Microsoft 365 and Google Apps Expertise and support.
Everything is done through a web-browser and can be accessed by practically any device, from anywhere.
24/7 Help Desk Support.
Near-real-time backups to offsite storage, offsite replication, local backup, and backup Virtualization.
Restoration and Recovery Services
Trust the certified NCG experts to make sure your business is strong enough to weather any storm.


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We Care

You need an IT support team that takes the time to know you and your business—to listen to you and the uniqe needs of your healthcare organization. Here at NCG, we pledge to be different that other IT compaines.

White Glove, Top-Tier Services

 We offer white glove, top-tier services based on taking the necessary time to thoroughly comprehend what you are looking for then designing a custom action plan to accomplish it.

HIPPA Expertise

Because compliance issues are a genuine concern for the healthcare industry, Network Computing Group is proud to have a certified HIPAA security professional on staff to meet your healthcare IT needs.

Healthcare IT Companies and HIPAA.

healthcare cybersecurity

NCG is known to be the top provider of Healthcare IT services. We’re well experienced with the healthcare industry and can guarantee that we’ll be right beside you with our support even on your busiest days! Our support team makes your job easier.

Trust us, we know you have a multitude of challenges your industry has on a daily basis like: 

• New or Updated HIPAA regulations
• Regular Threat of cyber attacks
• Requiring remote work Support
• Mobile Support & Security 

You won’t need to worry about your systems going down at inopportune moments, or third-party device support with NCG. We are happy to work with you to prevent potential issues. We’ll work together to thoroughly assess what your business may need and offer a solution that can keeps you safe, productive, and timely.

Healthcare IT Services

The requirements of HIPAA are difficult. HIPAA makes deciding which type of Technology best suits your needs an even more complex task. 

Healthcare IT Cybersecurity

Eventually you'll need to build a business continuity plan that protects invaluable medical records. You’ll want an IT partner who understands all of these complexities and has the experience needed to make the best decisions fast.


You may have tried to handle IT in-house only to find out that the headache of compliance with HIPAA and the risk of network downtime was too costly. A partnership with NCG could save you both time and money down the road.

Affordable IT Support For Your Healthcare Business

Your business has many expenses to consider, both predictable and unpredictable. You must produce for your clients, and provide for you own staff and their families. NCG's Healthcare IT Services don't break the bank and provide more than enough support! 

Secure Mobility 

Need to implement mobile technology? From tablets to phones, we’ll help you manage all of different devices your team members use. Contact us today to learn more about our various Products and Services!

Cloud Solutions

Full optimization of your data keeping it organized in the cloud! Find the right solutions that fit your business needs and can scale to the level you require. 


Prevent any and all attacks from reaching your doorstep. We setup security programs and work alongside you to keep your business virus free! 

Quality Network Security

We’ll help you managed the flow of important data with the help of various firewalls and monitoring software. No need to juggle your network, cybersecurity, and your bandwidth– NCG can satisfy all three!

Procurement Of New Tech

Our industry ties allow for quality discounts on tech improvements whether it’s software, upgraded hardware, or any other critical IT equipment you might need.

Backup and Recovery

Whether it’s malicious, accidental, or just bad luck your business could experience serious data loss that can bring you to a grinding halt. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen by providing a disaster recovery plan with actionable tasks.

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