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Data drives companies and commerce
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IT Support that meets the highest standards of data-reliant companies in Roanoke and throughout Virginia

We specialize in the following industries

• Property Management 
• Wealth Management
• Law Firms  
• Accounting Firms 
• Healthcare 
• Non-Profit Associations 
IT Services for small business

Is removing these obstacles really that important?

Absolutely. Making a few things easier makes everything more effective. You’ll soon come to experience and enjoy the peace of mind and boost in productivity that has helped NCG’s clients take their businesses to the next level.
IT Services in virginia

Is your business’ IT a recurring hindrance to your team’s productivity?

We’re dedicated to finding solutions that address your specific needs and remove anything preventing your most efficient workflow.
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Is your industry not on the list?

Don’t worry. We are well-versed in the needs of most industries and can provide for the IT needs of your business. We’ve handled some of the most difficult, high-compliance, data-driven industries out there. With this in mind, we’re confident we can help you too.
IT Services in virginia

A Proactive Approach To Your Technology Needs

Our proactive IT solutions offer stability and predictability, two things that allow for more effective project planning and execution. 
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Increases in automation, collaboration, and tech integration will produce powerful results for your team and business.
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Managed IT Services

We will keep an eye on your hardware and software, making sure that is is running effectively, and regularly updated to protect again new potential threats and technical failure.

Support Services

As federal and state legislation continues to change as it applies to your industry, we make sure to set up a compliant system and always modify to implement ongoing changes.

IT Compliance

How technology impacts business decisions is very important to consider while making plans. We ensure your IT supports, not detracts, from your strategy.

Cloud Services

As routine questions arise about your IT tech, NCG technicians are available to respond quickly to emails and phone calls.

IT Consulting

From setting up your cloud services, to updating regularly, to helping your team access all aspects of the Cloud, we're here to help.

Cyber Security

Addressing new security threats is an ongoing concern and difficulty. We monitor every part of your system regularly to make sure you have the best protection available.
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