NCG Remote Security Awareness: Make Your Workforce Remote

Train Your Workforce for Remote Working

The Coronavirus has created quite a dilemma for businesses and now may employees find themselves away from their office and creating a workspace within their homes. This can cause issues as most businesses are unprepared to run completely remote, lacking both the policy and security. For this reason, we created this simple guide. We aim to make the transition painless and negate your risks to security.

Get Your Home Office Secure

Ultimately, we wanted to make an easy to follow set of steps to guide you and your coworkers so protect your company while working remotely. While there are many different avenues to explore when it comes to working from home, we decided to make a good starting point for you to build off from. While we highly recommend making your own custom list from ours, be careful to not drown out the key issues that we present as that could result in someone accidentally compromising your business's security.

For Businesses – Become Secure From Home

The key to success in running your business remotely is making all of your employees are all coming from the same direction. Using our guide, you can easily send out a company-wide email to answer any questions your employees may have. Use the tips and resources in this guide to create a truly secure remote work environment for your business.

Want To Know More?

We would love to answer any questions you might have about remote security. You can do so by calling us at (540) 400-7358 or sending an email to and we'll get back to you!

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