September 16, 2020

Many Different Ways 24/7 IT Support Makes Your Company Thrive

Many Different Ways 24/7 IT Support Makes Your Company Thrive

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IT support will help your business whether you have 1000 seats or 20. It allows you to make smarter decisions for your business, prevents downtime, while also providing high quality security services. Now if you get 24/7 IT Support, you won't have any weak points and can have assistance anytime you need support or for a security danger.

If you're a small business, it's hard to justify the costs of your own in-house IT program. However, with managed services, you can experience the same effects of in-house IT, without paying the high salary.

Look below to see the many ways 24/7 managed services can help take your business to the next level!

Enjoy Saving Money

Like previously stated, in-house IT costs a lot more than it's worth. To get a team competent enough to tackle your security/network issues in a timely manner you better have some deep pockets. A subpar team will cost your business thousands in downtime expenses.

So then what are your options? Fork over all your money to overpriced professionals or go with an outsourced IT solution where you gain access to experts for a low price. They're available when you need them and have access to a large network of specialists that can solve issues faster than any small team could.

Near-Immediate Assistance

One of the most noticeable additions with managed IT is their 24 hour support line. Day or night, they have specialists ready to assist you with any issue that you're experiencing. You can have your own account manager dedicated to your business ready to help! What's more is that there is no extra charge, just message or call and get quick assistance.

If you requested your in-house IT staff to work long hours or into the night you'd be in for some costly overtime pay. With 24-hour support, you won't have to worry about your extended downtime or lost revenue.

Now imagine trying to get this out of your own IT staff. Trying to get assistance after hours in an emergency you'll be met with costly overtime pay. You can save yourself the hassle (and the money) with a 24/7 IT Support alternative.

Top-Tier Security

Many small businesses are unsure where to begin with protecting their important data, which is unfortunate as it can be devastating to your business if it's compromised. Managed IT Specialists have access to a variety of tools and knowledge to keep you safe from a variety of security risks from viruses and malware to dedicated hacking attempts.

Sometimes, small businesses fall into the trap of thinking they're too small to be targeted, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Small businesses are prime targets for hackers due to the likelihood of having weak security. With the services of a 24/7 IT support team you're protected day or night!

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Obviously, your business success is based on how well you can meet your customers needs. With managed services, you never have to worry about your technology not living up to your standards. So many potential customers can turn the other way when having issues connecting with your website. Without a seamless web experience your business isn't going to grow at the pace it deserves.

To ensure your business offers the best web experience possible with a consistent up-time you'll want managed IT. Enjoy peace of mind knowing any issues can be dealt with swiftly without impeding your customers. Expect to see your customers returning regularly to your brand again and again!

Maximizing Your Efficiency

Many small businesses rely on one IT person to handle technology issues. Often, they don't have the skills to deal with complex problems. Usually, there's only one or two individuals in charge of handling technology problems in a small business. Once the issues start getting more complex, the less efficient they are at handling them.

Things will begin to pile up and your productivity can slow immensely hurting your business. It's quite expensive to have less experienced techs trying to learn their way through complicated problems on your dime.

Managed IT takes the stress out of the equation. They have full teams in place that can handle technology issues both large and small and keep your business up and running as it's supposed to.

Less Disruptions

Tech outages happen and can take your business offline during the duration affecting both your communication and sales online.

The lack of access to your website or communication with you will frustrate your customer base so you'll want the issue solved promptly. While reacting to the issue is fine, having the foresight to prevent the problem in the first place is the real solution.

Thankfully, when you have 24/7 IT support, you won't need to worry. A good IT provider has the know-how and experience to prevent these types of breakdowns from happening.

Even if one does happen, you can be certain that you'll be back up in no time at all.


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