November 8, 2021

Business Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Business From DDoS Attacks

How to Protect Your Business From DDoS Attacks

Ensure your business cyber security planning is thorough and sound to protect your valuable digital assets. Read about DDoS attacks and how to prevent them now.

As we rely more on technology to run our businesses, we find ourselves open to more possibilities. While this gives us an amazing advantage, it also leaves us more exposed to security risks. Some think that as a small business owner, business cyber security isn't that important.

However, they couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't matter if you're a small start-up company or a big-name one. A trusty cyber security system is essential to keep things running well.

If you use a computer for your business, it's in your best interest to protect yourself from any threats. One of the best-known (yet the simplest ones) is a DDoS attack. Know what it is, its consequences, and how to protect yourself.

Here are some business cyber security tips to keep DDoS attacks at bay.

Understanding DDoS

What is a DDoS attack? Although it may sound intimidating, it's not that complicated at all. It works by flooding your network and system.

A network of infected computers and other devices is also known as bots or botnets. These are what cybercriminals use to launch a DDoS attack. Imagine having hundreds or thousands of users accessing servers all at the same time.

Each of them can send requests or data packets. This is to try to somehow connect to your systems with the goal of overwhelming it. Unlike regular users, botnets are like empty accounts.

All they do is take up space and resources that you could allocate for legitimate users or customers. Such attacks can vary from annoying to crippling. It can lag or slow your services, affecting your productivity and profit.

If it hits something vital, it even can shut all your systems down for a while. Additionally, cybercriminals can use DDoS attacks to further their malicious activities. Such attacks can lead to phishing and may also make you more susceptible to other threats.

Ransomware, in particular, can be difficult to recover from. This is especially true if your security systems are the ones attacked.

Protecting Yourself From Attacks

With a better understanding of what a DDoS attack is, it's easier to know what to watch out for. Preventing it from affecting your business by recognizing the attacks you might experience. The three most common ones are:

  • volumetric attacks
  • protocol attacks
  • application layer attacks

All these attacks target your bandwidth and web traffic. You're more likely to experience a sluggish connection or even a freezing site. If you've experienced potential signs of a DDoS attack, then consider business cyber security services.

This is why it's crucial that you catch the earliest signs of an attack. Your primary protection is having an alert system so you can react fast. Additionally, proper staff and management training go a long way.

What's dangerous about this is, the initial threat doesn't even have to be on site. It can come from any of your staff's devices. Through proper training and protocols in place, this is less likely to happen.

It stops your personnel from getting deceived and falling for common cyber security mistakes. Such mistakes are more widespread than you think. Although they are avoidable, letting your guard down even for a bit leaves you vulnerable.

Opt for Cyber Security Softwares

Take things a step further by investing in a business cyber security software. It can help detect, prevent, and get rid of threats without the need for extra labor costs. More so, it can stop your business from experiencing significant downtime in case of an attack.

Such software can set up defenses that limit connections. This stops your system from overloading, and in turn, protects you from open or unlimited attacks. All thanks to system cut-offs that halt after reaching certain thresholds.

It also updates your networks for both software and passwords or credentials. Note that there's more to it than knowing how to enhance business cyber security. Its correct and steady implementation is key to keeping you covered.

Consider the Cloud or CDNs

Besides security software, you can also try employing the use of networks and servers. It's all about having more servers or services that spread out the load across. This is possible by utilizing multiple servers in case you get attacked.

By doing this, you make sure that if one goes down, you're still okay. It also gives you time to isolate the problem and respond to it before it affects your business. Content Delivery Networks can fulfill this role.

You can also take advantage of the Cloud to spread the network load. While the Cloud's uses are limitless, in this case, you'll need it for its servers. This is to allow you to take and absorb more traffic compared to traditional private servers.

Cloud servers and CDNs are often spread out across the globe. This makes them beneficial for global connections and user bases. By being able to quickly shift and run things through unaffected servers, you can keep your business running while you deal with the attacks.

Trusting the Pros

If all this information seems a bit too daunting, then it's time to consult the experts. Cyberthreats are not limited to DDoS attacks, nor are they reserved for "tech business" only. If you have a computer or a cyber footprint, then you're at risk too.

This is where managed IT comes to play. With a team of specialists, you're more likely to have your business covered, with zero worries. Not everyone has the tech experience to handle IT cyber security.

Having a dedicated team for this ensures your business' and clients' safety. A high-profile security breach might be worth thousands or millions of dollars lost, depending on what you're handling.

Business Cyber Security and More

It's always important to take business cyber security seriously. While on the surface, a DDoS attack may seem like an annoyance, it can compromise your security and interrupt operations. Businesses big and small benefit from working to prevent cyber attacks.

When it comes to helping keep your business safe, NCG IT Solutions have your back. We have the experience and the know-how to help put you at ease and ensure you cover your bases. Give us a call today and notice the NCG difference.


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