October 6, 2021

Office 365 Support: Learn about Updates in Hybrid Work Innovations

Is your business ready for Office 365 support that makes the hybrid work space more efficient? Discover the latest updates here and how to get started.

The Pandemic has shifted everything.

This is especially true in the workplace where it's estimated that 20% to 30% of people will continue to work remotely, even as things return to normal.

That's quite a jump from the 5% who were previously working remotely before the pandemic.

This means businesses need to adjust to either a hybrid model or a full-on remote work template.

And with this being the case, you will need a system or platform to keep your business operations well organized and sequential.

This is where Office 365 Support can be of service.

In this article, you will learn about how 365 Support can help your workers with productivity and your business with the organization.

What is Office 365 Support?

Office 365 Support is a subscription-based service. One that grants entry to all online office apps such as Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.

It is software used to assist with productivity. It does this by allowing you to store your work in the cloud and permitting accessibility through any desktop or mobile device.

This allows all work to then assemble in a single online storage house, making things easier and more efficient for everybody.

As a result, hybrid work solutions emerge and are then implemented to keep things running smoothly.

Therefore, regardless of whether you're in-office, working remotely, or doing a hybrid of both methods, you will ensure that collaborations are seamlessly performed. 

Employees attending in-office or remote meetings can all be on the same page and move forward carrying their tasks out in unison to ensure the job's done right.

The Latest Updates: Microsoft Whiteboard App

The Microsoft Whiteboard is a new app that launched with a plethora of novel features for Microsoft 365. It offers features that help people cooperate more cohesively.

In addition to that, it has also upgraded its Viva, Teams, as well as Fluid Components apps to improve the in-office and hybrid remote workplaces.

The Microsoft Whiteboard app is essentially the same as a physical whiteboard except that's utilized in the virtual space.

And it offers a myriad of cloud solutions that will help make your job, as well as everyone else's, just a little bit easier.

Here are a few of those benefits:

Instant Collaborations Made Simple

The Whiteboard app offers many of the same functions as a physical board: you can write, erase, as well as add sticky notes.

Additionally, you can also attach and alter images to strengthen any presentations you may be giving.

The most recent version has focused its efforts on directed collaboration with the introduction of "collaboration cursors".

This feature enables remote workers to see the work of their peers on the whiteboard. And thus, it allows for the team's update to come in real-time so everyone involved can see the progress.

Enhanced Ingenuity from Immersive Content

Robust content is one of the main elements that power the collaboration process. This is what allows everyone to give in ways that are most conducive to their own preferences.

You can merge designs, scripts, and ink to form new diagrams, as well as arrange ideas and solutions in a layout that will help solve problems quicker.

This along with many other ways to create engaging content will spark more creativity in your hybrid meetings.

As a result, your need for IT support becomes narrowed as more people will be working together to come up with innovative ideas for solutions.

An up-to-Date Design and Feel

The Fluent Toolbar has a present-day look and feels that expands the set of tools used to foster joint effort between peers. This allows for higher levels of cooperation and as a result, effectiveness in the workplace.

Additionally, the Creation Gallary supplies an intuitive layout for all devices, whether you're dealing with the full size of a desktop or the small screen of an iPhone.

Furthermore, the Whiteboard also supplies a single user experience on every device as it manages platforms and systems.

At the end of the day, this new Whiteboard interface highlights the most important things -- the people as well as the content.

And it does all this in an attempt to assist you in doing the best possible work that you can.

Optimize Ingenuity with Ink for Everybody

One of the most essential elements of whiteboarding is digital ink. The novel whiteboard is enabling everybody to use the distinctive visual style abilities that ink can provide.

Also, improved mouse inking levels out ink, and makes it easier for people with a trackpad or a mouse to visibly communicate. As a result, members can express thoughts and ideas that might be challenging to write out.

And in addition to that, Whiteboard also offers Pen Support. This enables you to take advantage of the benefits of utilizing a pen in the digital space.

Merge Smoothly Over Microsoft 365

The new Whiteboard is one of the best IT services as it can now merge into Microsoft 365 easily to match your current workflows. Moreover, Whiteboard now offers Teams Channel and Chats.

Team members use this feature for collaborating on bigger projects as well as for long discussions on pressing topics.

Also, another feature offered is the Share Content Experience. This feature permits you to begin the process of starting a cooperative whiteboard with your peers.

And it can all happen with the simple click of a mouse.

Additionally, you can't forget the Open Existing Board function, which enables you to rework your whiteboards over multiple meetings with different teams.

This kind of managed IT is what keeps operations intact through the strains of working remotely.

Are You Ready to Experience More Efficient Hybrid Meetings?

Whether you're in-office or attending a meeting remotely, this separation can oftentimes cause difficulties. But the challenges that can arise can also be avoided -- or at the very least, minimized -- with the right system.

And that's exactly what Office 365 Support is there is provide you with. A system to smooth out the rough edges in your remote meetings, and help the hybrid model run smoothly.

If you're curious to learn more, our knowledgeable tech support team is happy to assist you, so get in contact with us today!


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