July 29, 2020

How To Avoid Cybersecurity Mistakes With Customer Data

How To Avoid Cybersecurity Mistakes With Customer Data

cyber security mistakes

According to a study in 2018, around 41% of companies worldwide have over 1000 sensitive files that lay unprotected.

These files include social security numbers, medical records, all sorts of personal contacts, and credit cards. Common cyber threats to cybersecurity continue to increase, finding ways to improve your cyber security is vital. Unfortunately, there is no catch-all system that can solve all of your cyber security worries that are threatening your business.

The key is to understand most of the common cyber security mistakes with your customers data is vital to keeping your company and customers protected. If you're interested and taking the challenge to learn about these common threats, read on to this complete guide to avoid them.

 Neglecting to Check User Activity and Access Points

If you have an internal network that accesses a lot of sensitive information, not keeping an eye on the different access points or your user activities can create a host of complications.

You must keep your eye on those who access your network and WHAT they are doing with the data inside. This is vital to basic security. Now, with your knowledge, you can later trace back and identify the source in the case of a breach. Additionally, you can get a better understanding of what data was exposed/stolen.

Not Keeping Your Team Informed

There are over 65% of professionals that feel like phishing attempts is the biggest security threat to their organization.

Phishing, put simply, occurs whenever a hacker or scammer creates a fake portal or site that is a mock-up of a legitimate one. The goal is to get victims to submit information to the site such as employee credentials or other personal information.

They won't just stop there either. With this data, they will try and access your system and steal more sensitive data. Not only do you have to worry about phishing scams, but you also have to worry about Trojan horses, spyware, malware, and even viruses which can have a similar effect.

Keeping your employees educated on how to spot a phishing link is important so you can avoid these simple yet effective scams. Educating your employees on the latest hacking trends to be aware of and what they can do to keep your organization protected.

You should also establish a security protocol and process that keeps each account that has information on your business protected. It would help if you looked for ways to keep all the systems that your employees are working on updated, as this will help strengthen the security of your business.

Failing to Test Your Security

Another common cybersecurity mistake is failing to test your company's network. Through this you'll likely find a number of holes that can expose your network.

The number of devices that can access the internet that companies depend upon is constantly growing. No longer do you only have to worry about computers being the only potential cyber security threat for your organization. Now you have to worry about wearable watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and web applications.

These all have their own separate hardware, internal applications, that works, and databases. With all these individual devices that have access to your network, you'll need to undergo some sort of regular testing.

This can be done with either an automated system or under a careful human eye. Regularly testing your security will identify any weak points or areas where your company's security is vulnerable.

User feedback will be one of your most valuable tools in this process. It will allow external parties that are using your network to report any issues that they run into. Using user feedback will provide you with insight into problems that you may have never discovered without these external parties reporting.

Not Evaluating Your IT

Another common cyber security mistake that many businesses don't fully evaluate the capabilities of their in-house IT team. Yet, unless you've hired a team specializing in cyber-security, the IT team that you've hired may not be equipped with the knowledge that they need to keep your business safe.

By avoiding the evaluation your it team, you're putting your customers and the health of your business in jeopardy. This is not to say that they aren't talented in other areas, but that they may lack the correct security knowledge.

If your IT team is understaffed or doesn't specialize in cybersecurity, it's time for you to invest in an IT team that can fit your needs.

You can check your IT team by getting an idea of the knowledge that they have about cybersecurity. Plus, you'll understand the resources that they'll be able to dedicate to your team's cybersecurity.

What if you find that your team is incapable of securing your company? Using another provider is the safest option that can give you peace of mind.

It's in the interest of these third-party organizations to keep your data safe and your business protected. They'll also provide support your company in other areas as necessary. Plus, they'll help during a cyber-attack, times of overwhelming traffic, or if there's ever a network strain.

Falling Into Unhealthy E-mail Habits

Many people end up falling into the same old habits when it comes to checking their email. Not keeping your team updated on healthy e-mail habits can make it easier for your company to fall victim to a phishing e-mail.

Keep an updated module for training new and experienced employees on what the typical unsolicited email looks like. Provide present examples if possible in a meeting to help hammer in the point. Then explain how to properly report them to add another layer to your security.


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