May 27, 2020

5 Things Your Small/Medium Business Gains from Using Microsoft 365

5 Things Your Small/Medium Business Gains from a Microsoft 365 Business Migration

Microsoft 365 migration

As technology continues to change and evolve, so do the needs and expectations of those using it. Intermittent upgrades might have been enough in the past, but now a system that allows for smooth, consistent improvements is the preferred choice of many small and medium-sized business owners. The benefits of an Office 365 Business Migration not only include many technical features a business needs to run and grow but provides qualitative gains as well.

1: Flexibility

The ability to adapt to new situations and react confidently to unforeseen circumstances isn’t based on just skill, but preparation. The cloud-based software of Microsoft 365 allows employees to work remotely, from any location and from most devices. Through Skype for Business, face to face meetings can happen on opposite sides of the globe. And as the business grows, Microsoft 365 makes bringing on more employees and hiring talent either nationally or internationally possible.

2: Consolidation

Changing back and forth between different applications and platforms severely impacts workflow and productivity. Not only that, but it also risks incompatibility as so many moving parts evolve and update. In Microsoft 356, classic applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel are available in the cloud and guaranteed to work seamlessly with internal services like Exchange, One Drive, SharePoint, and Teams. Not only that, but individual team members can migrate work between their devices for maximum efficiency.

3: Integration

Microsoft 365 allows employees to sync up in every sense of the word. Through the cloud, employees can access shared data and files in realtime. Scheduling meetings is streamlined through the use of Exchange, and email is simplified through Exchange. Internal communication is made easy through Teams. Sharing files and content is optimized through OneDrive and SharePoint. With so many services working together, employees can connect when they need to, and how they need to.

4: Support

With enterprise-grade protection, Microsoft 365 ensures business data is safe from viruses, spam, malware, and other outside attacks. The secure cloud also protects data from internal threats, such as a broken or lost device. And with 24/7 phone support, whatever problems may arise, a solution is never more than a phone call away. Ongoing support, compliance, reliability, data governance, and more contribute to the peace of mind 365 provides.

5: Room in the Budget

Without the need to devote extra time, energy, and resources to IT, owners and their employees will enjoy more freedom to invest directly in what will most benefit their business. Microsoft 365’s products and services are offered at a monthly rate instead of a large upfront investment. This means not only less spending on IT but a predictable amount. This can also be adjusted as needed. Should a business need to expand or contract, the monthly rate can be easily adjusted.


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