October 21, 2020

Getting to Cloud Nine: How Cloud Solutions Can Change Your Business for the Better

Getting to Cloud Nine: How Business Cloud Solutions Can Change Your Company for the Better

business cloud solutions

Businesses are moving to a more mobile solution by using the cloud to store everything from high profile data to computer programs. We live in a digital world, and businesses need to understand how cloud solutions can save them time, money, and security problems.

Countless companies migrated to the cloud and opened a new world of mobility and security, but many more businesses are stuck with local servers that don’t provide anything except updating problems and information technology phone calls.

We’ve created this guide to show businesses the many benefits of cloud storage and cloud-based solutions. You’ll love the cloud and what it can do for you.

Business Cloud Solutions Make Your Office Mobile

Business is fast-paced, and we can’t always live a 9 to 5 lifestyle, but the ability to access information from home or anywhere can improve efficiency and give people the mobility they want and need. Cloud storage is virtual, which means there is no local physical server, so you can access the information from anywhere.

If you’re stuck in traffic but need to get work done, you can access information from your cell phone. If you want to be home for dinner but still need to get work done, then you can access work information from your home laptop.

The world is mobile, and so must your business. You can’t afford to be chained to an office or have no access to your data and information when you’re on the road. The competition is switching to cloud backup solutions, and they’re pulling ahead. It’s time for you to take the battle to the cloud.

Eliminate Compatibility Issues

If you’re a small- to medium-sized business with multiple employees and departments, then they’re not all likely on the same page. The advertising department may have brand new computers with all the latest programs, but the graphic design team works on 5-year-old Macs with old versions.

When you’re trying to communicate between teams, program and computer compatibility becomes a major issue. By having everything on the cloud, you’re dealing with one version on the cloud.

The last thing your business needs is for project information to be lost because one program couldn’t open a document.

Data migration can be difficult and complex, so it’s a good idea to hire a migration expert to make sure all the data is transferred correctly and everyone can access the appropriate programs.

Robust Cyber Security in the Cloud

Headlines in newspapers, television, and online describe massive data breaches that ruined companies. Hackers constantly attack businesses using different methods, from direct attacks to phishing. A small company with local servers doesn’t have robust security.

They don’t have the money for it. Large companies that provide cloud storage services can afford advanced security measures. They experience more attacks than average businesses, so they must have the latest and most advanced security.

Don’t let your data be stolen or compromised because of outdated security. Let the could companies worry about that so you can run your business.

No Worries About Data Backup

How many ways do you backup your data? Many businesses with local servers have backups created by the server and a backup for an off-site in case the servers go down. The problem is many people forget to create the backups.

When something goes wrong, the only backup available may be old and not have up-to-date information. Keeping data in the cloud puts the stress of backups in the hands of the cloud company. Much like cybersecurity, the company has a robust backup system in case something should happen to their cloud servers.

You don’t have to worry about out of date or missing backups because it’s all taken care of for you.

Potential Offline Access to Data

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is you can work from anywhere, but what if you don’t have the Internet? Maybe you went to your mom’s for Thanksgiving, and there’s no Wi-Fi and no signal for your cell phone.

You can work on projects and access saved data because the cloud syncs to provide data before you go offline. Once you have Internet back, the cloud uploads your work and saves it. You may not have access to everything offline, but it gives you far more access than if you didn’t have cloud storage.

Choose the Price That Fits Your Needs

Cloud storage allows you to customize what goes on the cloud and what stays local. Cloud storage isn’t free, and the more data you store, the more you’ll need to pay. If you want to store your software so everyone has access anywhere, then you can do that and leave customer data on your local servers.

It’s completely customizable to your needs. You’ll also likely have to pay for the number of users that have access to it, but you can also make it so only high-level employees have access to certain data.

If you need something versatile, then cloud solutions are it.

Receive Notifications of Important Events

When everyone uses the same cloud-based system, then everything is linked. You can set notifications and reminders for meetings and other events using the cloud system, and they’ll receive the notifications.

You can also set notifications when people sign-in, delete files, and other events. If you want to maximize the efficiency in your office and make sure people get information when outside the office, then you can’t go wrong with the cloud.

Stay Within Your Core Competency

business cloud solutions

Odds are you aren’t an expert in information technology, computer programming, or server maintenance. You need these services to run your business, but you don’t know how they work and what to do.

When something goes wrong, you need to send up the IT department or call someone to come in and fix it. With everything on the cloud, the experts handle all the maintenance, security, and infrastructure improvements, so you can focus on your business.


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